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Neighbor to Neighbor

A while back, we made contact with Amy Lively through her blog.  She is a precious, like-minded, talented writer and speaker.   She blogs at How to Love Your Neighbor.com authentically sharing her own escapades and the stories of other women in their own words. 


Who is My Neighbor?

In that moment, I gained more insight into hospitality than I had ever known. After all we had been through, it didn’t matter what sort of bed we slept in. What mattered was that someone had opened their home to me and my family in the middle of the night. Like the Good Samaritan, their compassion moved them to care for us, even though it meant they would surely be inconvenienced.

A wrapping paper remnant that I came across is the perfect accent for the inside of this dresser drawer.

A New Definition of Hospitiality

What comes to you mind when you think of hospitality?  I have to admit that I conjure up a mental picture of a group gathered around a dining table with coffee and snacks or a specially prepared dinner.  If this is similar to what you believe hospitality looks like, I would like for you to […]

2017….. A Year of Shifting

Sweet friends, we have entered into this place of newness that the Lord told us was coming. “God is about to do something new.”  Isaiah 43:19 As December came upon me, I began seeking the Lord for a word for the coming year. These yearly words the Lord is so faithful to give me  are […]


Peace, Hope, and Joy This Christmas

When we focus on the secular reason for celebration (finding happiness in presents, Santa, rich food, etc.), we soon realize the process can be void of all peace, can drain us of any hope of ever being with those we love, can steal any joy we had, and can quickly send us spiraling into depression. Commercialism and secularism give a weary soul nothing to celebrate! We need hope in something more.


Thanks Be To Our God!

“For the emptiness that cries out to be filled,
For the promise that your word is deeper still,
For the longing and the need, to have more of you in me,
Because nothing satisfies the way you do,
Thanks be to our God!”


A few days ago the Lord spoke these words to me… “Seasons are changing    Earlier this year the Lord began drawing me and making a path clear to move to Georgia.   The pictures were taken during long walks in the park in the hills of Georgia, during much prayer time and seeking the […]

Courtney, Anna, Bambi, Tami, Emily, Rachel, Brenda

La Carreta Lunch Recap

Our first gathering since the flood could not have been on a more gorgeous day, allowing us to enjoy a long lunch on La Carreta’s patio. We enjoyed getting to know some new ladies at the table and catching up with one another. Here are a few photos, but unfortunately we weren’t able to take […]

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