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VS Battle – Red Velvet Cake Mix – Duncan Hynes and Betty Crocker

With all of the advances of grocery products available to us today, I have been wondering lately what the “true” difference between brands of the same products are. For instance – Is Hotel Butter the same quality as Land-O-Lakes, are Goya split red lentils the same as Bob’s Red Mill, and how does Bisquik’s pancakeContinue reading “VS Battle – Red Velvet Cake Mix – Duncan Hynes and Betty Crocker”

A Tale of Two Tables

Before the house went quiet my grandparents had a lovely dining room. At the center was a dark wooden table that nearly stretched the length of the room. It’s windows paneled the corner that looked out onto the street. There were glass cabinets holding stark blue china on the right. On the left was aContinue reading “A Tale of Two Tables”

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