A Tale of Two Tables

Before the house went quiet my grandparents had a lovely dining room. At the center was a dark wooden table that nearly stretched the length of the room. It’s windows paneled the corner that looked out onto the street. There were glass cabinets holding stark blue china on the right. On the left was aContinue reading “A Tale of Two Tables”

History Lesson: Where Do Recipes Come From?

Being of an inquisitive mind, I am always struck (usually in the most inconvenient of times) with questions like “how does this work?”, “who invented this?”, or even “I wonder why X is this way and not any other way..” In most moments it’s a passing thought and I quickly return my focus to whateverContinue reading “History Lesson: Where Do Recipes Come From?”

Epiphany Food: The Peach

I work in wine. It’s a business where a lot of hypotheticals are thrown around. “What would you have with this?”“What’s your favorite this, and least favorite that?”“If you were stuck on a desert island…” These questions are a way of getting to know someone’s palate. A big favorite is, “What was your epiphany wine?”Continue reading “Epiphany Food: The Peach”

What’s At Our Table?

“First we eat, then we do everything else.” – M.F.K Fisher Sit down to a table in any country and you’ll see that everyone has their own way of expressing their reverence for eating together. A favorite of mine is, “Eat well, laugh often, love abundantly.” Though most food traditions or expressions don’t convey food’sContinue reading “What’s At Our Table?”