Turkey Hangover

When I was four, I was chased by a turkey. While I’m sure this has tainted my view of the bird, it goes without saying, I don’t like turkeys very much. So I’ve never shared America’s fervor for consuming them when the holidays roll around. I much prefer to cook Duck. They don’t have muchContinue reading “Turkey Hangover”

Fear of Spirits

“It tastes like burning,” is something I often hear when discussing whisky, rum, brandy, gin, etc. I’m quite fond of spirits but whenever I admit that I mostly drink them neat (without ice or mixers) to friends and family I am greeted with twisted faces and pithy emotes like:“Ugh…”“So gross!”and my favorite, because it remindsContinue reading “Fear of Spirits”

Poetry at the Table

A couple of weeks after posting A Tale of Two Tables I found this poem. It reminded me how much of our lives can swirl around this one point in our homes. I hope it reminds you of something you might have otherwise forgotten. Perhaps the World Ends Here by Joy Harjo The world beginsContinue reading “Poetry at the Table”

To the Tooth

I’m friends with a woman who can’t smell or taste anything. Let’s call her Eleanor. Because of this I try not to talk food around her. But of course, during one conversation, I forgot, and rudely steered the topic to favorite snacks. To my surprise, she answered that chips and anchovies were at the topContinue reading “To the Tooth”

VS Battle – Red Velvet Cake Mix – Duncan Hynes and Betty Crocker

With all of the advances of grocery products available to us today, I have been wondering lately what the “true” difference between brands of the same products are. For instance – Is Hotel Butter the same quality as Land-O-Lakes, are Goya split red lentils the same as Bob’s Red Mill, and how does Bisquik’s pancakeContinue reading “VS Battle – Red Velvet Cake Mix – Duncan Hynes and Betty Crocker”


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